CALFED Science Fellows Program for Graduate and Postdoctoral Researchers

Beginning with the class of 2003, the CALFED Science Fellows Program has paired graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with CALFED Program agency scientists and senior research mentors. Fellows work on collaborative data analysis and research projects applicable to the California Bay-Delta system. The upcoming class of 2009 will represent the fifth year of fellowships awarded by the CALFED Science Program.

2009 CALFED Science Fellows Announced

In conjunction with California Sea Grant, the Science Program would like to announce the2009 Science Fellows.

Current 2009 Fellowship Class

2009 Postdoctoral Fellows
P.I. Lead Institution Funding Topic
Rachel Barnett-Johnson UC Santa Cruz $164,765 Estimating the contribution of wild fish to the 2008 ocean population of Central Valley chinook.
Kristen Buck Scripps Institution of Oceanography $121,500 Sources and bioavailability of dissolved copper in San Francisco Bay.
Andrew Chang UC Davis $165,000 Native oyster restoration in the San Francisco Estuary.
Tapash Das Scripps Institution of Oceanography $123,269 The impact of climate change on severe flooding and water supply.
Kemal Ali Ger Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies $164,931 Identifying how cyanobacteria blooms alter zooplankton communities.
Cécile Élise Mioni UC Santa Cruz $164,620 Environmental factors controlling harmful algal bloom formation in San Francisco Bay.
Monika Winder UC Davis $164,797 Long-term spatial and temporal patterns in zooplankton abundance in the delta.
2009 Doctoral Students
P.I. Lead Institution Funding Topic
Laura Feinstein UC Davis $86,785 Developing tools for eradicating hybrids of the invasive nonnative cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora.
Michael Kiparsky UC Berkeley $98,750 Economic risk analysis to examine the management implications of climate change, and other uncertainties, on water supply.
Mary K. Matella UC Berkeley $98,375 Floodplain restoration in the delta.
Phillip Sandstrom UC Davis $98,750 Characterizing the movement patterns of wild and hatchery steelhead trout.
Joseph Street UC Santa Cruz $87,058 Reconstructing a 19,000-year hydrologic record for the Sierra Nevada and Sacramento-San Joaquin watersheds, based on sediment cores from Swamp Lake in Yosemite National Park.
Patrick Ulrich UC Berkley $93,333 Reducing methyl mercury pollution in the bay-delta.

The 2009 Science Fellows were asked to focus on the following topics that address specific areas of interest in the Bay-Delta System.

  1. Trends and Patterns of Habitats, Populations and System Response to a Changing Environment
  2. Aquatic Invasive (Exotic) Species
  3. Water Supply, Water Quality
  4. Developing Indicators and Performance Measures

Topic details, as well as guidelines, eligibility and application instructions, are posted on the California Sea Grant website at:

The selected Science Fellows Postdoctoral researchers will be awarded $45,000 per year for up to two years, plus eligible expenses up to $30,000. Graduate fellows will receive $25,000 per year for up to two years, plus up to $19,500 for eligible expenses. See the table below for a list of the 2009 Science Fellows.

Abstracts, progress reports and final reports by CALFED Science Fellows can be found on the California Sea Grant webpage. Please follow the link provided below.

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