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Delta ISB Appointed
Pyrethroid Contamination
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Study Shows Higher Pyrethroid Contamination in Urban Runoff

A recent study published in Environmental Science and Technology reveals that urban runoff is a primary source for toxic pyrethroids in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the American River.

Pyrethroids are used in many pest control products in place of what were thought to be more toxic compounds--organophosphate pesticides, such as diazinon and malathion.

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Arid Land Rivers – Boom and Bust – or Buggered?

Dryland rivers flow from more than half of the world’s lands and support nearly 40 percent of the world’s population, yet these ecosystems are very much understudied.

While some dryland rivers are strongly dependent on snowpack or glacial melt in mountainous headwaters (and therefore have relatively stable base-flow conditions), many sit at the extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to variability in river flow.

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Delta Stewardship Council Meeting –
Aug. 26-27, 2010

Save the date! Bay-Delta Science Conference -
Sept. 27-29, 2010

New Delta Independent Science Board Appointed

The Delta Stewardship Council appointed 10 nationally and internationally prominent scientists to the new Delta Independent Science Board (ISB) during its June meeting as required by legislation signed into law last November.

The ISB members came from a diverse pool of 63 applicants. Members will serve five-year terms and may serve no more than two terms.

The Delta ISB reports to the full Council and will provide oversight of the scientific research, monitoring, and assessment programs that support adaptive management of the Delta through periodic reviews. By law, all of these programs must be reviewed at least once every four years.

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NOTE:State Water Board meeting considering draft Delta flow criteria Aug. 3, 2010

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