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Obama Orders Federal Clean-Up of Chesapeake Bay

On May 12, President Obama issued an executive order to clean up the polluted Chesapeake Bay after a 25-year cleanup effort by a coalition of state governments was unsuccessful.

“The reengagement of the federal government in the coordination of clean up of Chesapeake Bay shows a renewed commitment to the health of the nation’s largest estuary,” said CALFED Lead Scientist Cliff Dahm. “The role of the federal government in the California Delta also may be reevaluated as we strive to meet the dual goals of restoring the Delta ecosystem and creating a reliable water supply for California.”

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Water Temperature Cooling from Tidal Marshes May Provide Refuge for Fish

Restoring connectivity between tidal marshes and tidal sloughs may provide a way to keep some of the water in the Delta cooler—which could have long-standing restoration implications for native fishes.

In research conducted for the Department of Water Resources (DWR) by researchers Chris Enright, Jon Burau and Steve Culberson, pilot study results suggest that having tidal marsh landscapes that flood on a biweekly, spring/neap timescale can contribute to significant cooling or warming of the water in the sloughs that drain these marshes.

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Review Panel Report for NMFS OCAP Biological Opinion

The Adaptive Management Cycle

Science Advisors Provide Guidance on BDCP Adaptive Management

There are many perceptions of what adaptive management means. Basically, adaptive management is taking an action, monitoring the right things to assess the response to the action, analyzing the monitoring data, revising your understanding and taking the next action based on that new understanding.

Recently, a group of nine renowned independent science advisors presented recommendations and guidance for incorporating adaptive management into the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) in the BDCP Independent Science Advisors’ Report on Adaptive Management.

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“If we’re going to make progress in the Delta, we need to come up with a governance structure with teeth.”
--Cliff Dahm,
BDCP Adaptive Management Report
Independent Science Advisor

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