The CALFED Science Program removes February deadline from the 2009 Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP).

The state’s current fiscal emergency has greatly impacted those likely to apply to the 2009 PSP. It is still our intention to award grants from this PSP as soon as it is feasible to proceed with proposal review and funding. However, due to the uncertainty of when bond funds will again be available and the hardships it has created, we have decided to remove the original deadline of February 27, 2009. The solicitation will remain open and available for proposal submission until after the financial uncertainties are resolved and a new firm proposal deadline is set. Ample time to complete proposal preparation and submission will be provided at the time a new deadline is set.

Science Program 2009 Focused Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP):

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Science Program makes $8 million available through 2009 Proposal Solicitation Package

The CALFED Science Program is announcing a solicitation for research proposals in support of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program. The package is now available.

The CALFED Science Program considers funding scientific research to be a critical component in achieving its mission of establishing unbiased and authoritative knowledge directly relevant to CALFED actions. The goal of funding this research is to invest in knowledge that will fundamentally advance the understanding of the complex environments/systems within the CALFED jurisdiction to aid policy-makers and managers.



2009 Proposal Solicitation Package Synopsis

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Through the California Resources Agency, the CALFED Science program is seeking to fund research that will fill critical gaps in our understanding of the current and changing Bay-Delta system. The new scientific information is meant to help resource managers and policymakers make informed decisions about current and future Delta water issues such as healthy ecosystems, water quality, and conveyance and supply.

A total of approximately $8 million will be available for research in four topic areas:

  1. Native Fish Biology and Ecology
  2. Food Webs of Key Delta Species and their Relationship to Water Quality and other Drivers
  3. Coupled Hydrologic and Ecosystem Models
  4. Water and Ecosystem Management Decision Support System Development

Award Information
Anticipated Type of Award: Grant
Estimated Number of Awards: Approximately 14 to 18
Anticipated Total Funding: Approximately $8 million
Length of Funding: Up to 3 years

Eligibility Information
Any public agency or nonprofit organization capable of entering into a grant agreement with the State or Federal government may apply. This includes, but is not limited to: (1) local agencies; (2) private nonprofit organizations; (3) tribes; (4) universities; (5) State agencies; and (6) Federal agencies.

No set deadline is presently in place. A firm deadline will be established when it is clear that bond funds are available to support the review and funding of proposals.

The solicitation website and the forms required for application are now available at:

Proposal Submittal Process Helpline: 916-445-5838 or via email at