Science Program 2004 Focused Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP):

The Science Program 2004 PSP resulted in 13 grants totaling Over $10 million focused on high priority topic areas including: water operations and biological resources, ecological processes and their relationship to water management and key species, and performance assessment to improve tools and evaluate implications of future changes.

The CALFED Science Program considers funding scientific research to be a critical component in achieving its mission of establishing unbiased and authoritative knowledge directly relevant to CALFED actions. The goal of funding this research is to invest in knowledge that will fundamentally advance the understanding of the complex environments/systems within the CALFED jurisdiction to aid policy-makers and managers.

2004 PSP Funded Projects

One-hundred and forty-one proposals were submitted in response to the 2004 PSP that totaled over $140 million in requested funds. All proposals went through a rigorous independent review that resulted in the selection of the following 13 proposals totaling over $10 million:

2004 PSP
P.I. Lead Institution Funding Title Products
Sedlak UC Berkeley $ 1,167,149 Identifying Causes of Feminization of Chinook Salmon  
Ingram UC Berkeley $197,689 Chinook salmon rearing in the San Francisco Bay-Delta system: Identification of geochemical markers to determine Delta use  
Mangel UC Santa Cruz $ 1,014,596 Life History Variation in Steelhead Trout and the Implications for Water Mangement  
Klimley UC Davis $ 1,500,000 Survival and Migratory Patterns of Central Valley Juvenile Salmonids  
Kimmerer CSU San Francisco $ 1,170,000 Foodweb Support for the Delta Smelt  
Cloern USGS $ 1,662,870 CASCADE: Computational Assessments of Scenarios of Change for the Delta Ecosystem  
Anke Mueller-Solger DWR $159,158 Phytoplankton communities in the San Francisco Estuary: monitoring and management using a submersible spectrofluorometer  
Kimmerer CSU San Francisco $997,027 Modeling Delta Smelt in SF Estuary  
Dunne UC Santa Barbara $ 1,400,000 How Abiotic Processes, Biotic Processes, and Their Interactions Sustain Habitat Characteristics and Functions in River Channels and their Floodplains: An Investigation of the Response of a Gravel-Bed Reach of the Merced River to Restoration  
Lehman DWR $500,000 Biomass and toxicity of a newly established bloom of the cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa and its potential impact on beneficial use in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta  
Brandes US Fish and Wildlife Services $ 83,100 Review of four juvenile salmon coded wire tag experiments conducted in the Delta  
May UC Davis $143,735 Are "Apparent" Sex Reversed Chinook Salmon A Sympton of Genotoxicity?  
Hendrix UC Davis $679,631 A Statistical Model of Central Valley Chinook Incorprating Uncertainty