Science Program 2006 Focused Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP):

The Science Program has awarded grants totaling $6 million for 14 proposals centered on high priority Bay-Delta Science in 2006.

An independent Technical Selection Panel recommended 14 out of 35 proposals for funding through the CALFED Science Program. Proposals were selected based on their technical merit and relevancy to the 4 priority topic areas summarized below and described in detail in the 2006 PSP:

  1. Environmental Water
  2. Aquatic Invasive (Exotic) Species
  3. Trends and Patterns of Populations and System Response to a Changing Environment
  4. Habitat Availability and Response to Change

Future PSP's

Funding limitations will prevent the CALFED Science Program from issuing a Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) in 2007. If bond funds are released before year end, the Science Program expects to announce a PSP in spring 2008. In the mean time, the Science Program plans to invest a small amount.

PSP Purpose

Through the Resources Agency, the CALFED Science Program seeks to invest grant funding in projects that will fundamentally advance the understanding of the complex environments/systems within the CALFED jurisdiction to aid policy-makers and resource managers. The geographic area of interest is the CALFED Bay-Delta System which includes California's Sacramento and San Joaquin River watersheds and the San Francisco Estuary with a focus on the Delta.

2006 PSP Documents

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