2004 PSP Overview

Through the Authority, the Science Program invested in projects that are developing new knowledge about how water use and management activities interact with and affect key aquatic species and environmental processes across spatial and temporal scales. For details on the 2004 PSP topics and process please see our 2004 PSP Documents.

Documentation Overview

There are a series of documents intended to provide applicants with the basic information needed to submit a proposal for this solicitation. This document provides an overview of CALFED and the Science Program;

  • describes the three CALFED priority topic areas which form the broad information needs this solicitation is intended to address ;
  • lists examples of potential scientific study topics and approaches that would address these broad information needs;
  • explains the criteria and process that will be used to evaluate and recommend proposals for funding; and
  • provides information on the application process and how to obtain technical assistance.

Additional information is provided in the six attachments to this document.

  • Attachment 1 describes scientific topics and potential study examples in more detail;
  • Attachment 2 describes the selection process and the criteria that will be used to evaluate proposals;
  • Attachment 3 describes the general requirements with which funded proposals will need to comply;
  • Attachment 4 provides instructions for preparing proposals;
  • Attachment 5 provides sample forms; and
  • Attachment 6 are the basic terms and conditions for State-funded Science Program grants.