2007 Supplemental PSP

The CALFED Science Program is making a small amount of supplemental funds available on a competitive basis to provide an opportunity for some of the 20+ existing Science Program Grantees to enhance their funded research while we work on issuing a full PSP in 2008.

The CALFED Science Program considers funding scientific research to be a critical component in achieving its mission of establishing unbiased and authoritative knowledge directly relevant to CALFED actions. The goal of funding this research is to invest in knowledge that will fundamentally advance the understanding of the complex environments/systems within the CALFED jurisdiction to aid policy-makers and managers.

2007 Supplemental PSP Recommendations

Fund: $2,213,259        
P.I. Last Name Institution or Agency Supplemental Proposal Title Supplemental Amount Requested Funding Recommendation Recommended Funding Amount
Drexler USGS Salinity Fluctuations During the Last 7000 Years in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta $283,063 Fund in Full  $283,063
Dugdale/Mueller-Solger San Francisco State Univ. / DWR Comparison of Nutrient Sources and Phytoplankton Growth and Species Composition in Two Rivers: Their Roles in Determining Productivity and Foodweb Conditions in Suisun Bay and the Delta $338,377 Fund in Full  $338,377
Dunne UC Santa Barbara How Abiotic Processes, Biotic Proceses, and Their Interactions Sustain Habitat Characteristics and Functions in River Channels and Their Floodplains: An Investigation of the Response of How a Reach of the Merced Rivers Responds to Restoration. $299,998 Fund w/ Modification  $150,000
Hendrix R2 Resource Consultants, Inc A Statistical Model of Central Valley Chinook Incorporating Uncertainty $296,442 Fund in Full  $296,442
Ingram UC Berkeley The Role of the San Francisco Bay Delta in Juvenile Rearing for Winter and Spring Run Chinook Salmon, to be Determined by Otolith Microchemistry $228,092 Fund w/ Modification  $228,092
Kimmerer 1 San Francisco State University Foodweb Support for the Threatened Delta Smelt and Other Estuarine Fishes in Suisun Bay and the Western Sacramento−San Joaquin Delta $299,872 Fund w/ Justification  $299,872
Klimley UC Davis Supplement: Survival and Migratory Patterns of Central Valley Juvenile Salmonids $256,676 Fund w/ Justification  $256,676
Mangel UC Santa Cruz Life History Variation in Management: Supplemental Grant Application $194,620 Fund in Full  $194,620
Stewart USGS CASCaDE: Computational Assessments of Scenarios of Change for the Delta Ecosystem $166,117 Fund in Full  $166,117
    Total Funding Requested $2,213,259

Do Not Fund        
P.I. Last Name Institution or Agency Supplemental Proposal Title Supplemental Amount Requested Funding Recommendation
Brandes 1 US Fish and Wildlife Service Publication of Two Salmon Smolt Survival Models in the Delta with Application to Specific Management Questions $42,064 Do Not Fund 
Brandes 2 US Fish and Wildlife Service Use of Scales to Determine Race and Life History Characteristics of Juvenile Salmon Sampled at Chipps Island $231,189 Do Not Fund 
Kimmerer 2 San Francisco State University Modeling the Delta Smelt Population of The San Francisco Estuary $292,682 Do Not Fund 
Kueltz UC Davis Quantitative Indicators and Life History Implications of Environmental Stress on Sturgeon $299,987 Do Not Fund 
May/Moyle UC Davis Using Stable Isotopes to Understand Complex Trophic Dynamics of Invasive Hydrozoans and Planktivorous Fishes in the Upper San Francisco Estuary $168,563 Do Not Fund 
Parker San Francisco State University Climate Change Impacts on Nitrogen Dynamics in San Francisco Bay-Delta Wetlands $212,815 Do Not Fund 
Sedlak UC Berkeley Identifying the Causes of Feminization of Chinook Salmon in the Sacramento and San Joaquin River System $294,247 Do Not Fund 
Torres University of South Carolina A Non-Point Source of Contaminants to the Estuarine Food Web: Mobile Particles from the Intertidal Zone $298,400 Do Not Fund 

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